Good’s Ben Goldhirsh and Better Blocks Andrew Howard on ReThinking the City Radio

rethinking the city

We will be playing my (Pat Greene) pre-recorded interview of Ben Goldhirsh tomorrow morning. He is the founder/CEO of Good Worldwide. His father Bernie Goldhirsh was the founder/CEO of Inc Magazine. Ben has been putting his energy and money towards good things for a long time.

The last half of the show will feature a call in interview with Image Better BlocksAndrew Howard. Better Blocks is exactly what it sounds like it is. Andrew and Jason Roberts have taken this project all over the world. Listen to Sarah Ebaldri tomorrow (Thursday) from 9AM- 10AM on Rollins radio or 91.5 FM in Central Florida.

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About J. Chambliss

Julian Chambliss is professor of History and coordinator of the Africa and African-American Studies program at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. With research, teaching, and service centered real and imaginary urban spaces, he is an interdisciplinary scholar and award-winning teacher. He has designed digital humanities projects to investigate community and document black culture in the United States. Follow him on Twitter @JulianChambliss.
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